Thousands of Israelis came out into the streets to protest the new Jewish nation state law that was passed by the Knesset a short time ago. The law declares Israel a Jewish state and removes Arabic as an official language. This has angered the Israeli-Arab minority who view this as a major betrayal.

My Daily Stormer article goes into this in more detail. Long story short, the Jews have marginalized one of the main minority groups that serve in the military and do actual tangible work in the country. As we all know, Jews are not fond of doing physical labor. They’re much more comfortable counting shekels, running scams and screwing people over so they don’t have to do real actual work.

And then on top of this, the law has drawn international condemnation because the law itself is inherently racist. The Jews think they can sell multiculturalism to the goyim while rejecting it in Israel. This is obviously not a sustainable situation as it fully exposes their hypocrisy.