There are reports of air raid sirens going off in Israel. The Jews are claiming that Iranian forces have launched missile strikes against them.

While it is possible that this was the work of the Iranians, we don’t know 100 percent. It might also be Syrian military units retaliating against the Jews. The kikes have been bombing Syrian and Iranian targets for quite some time now, so this type of retaliation has been long overdue.

Press TV is reporting that the Syrian military was retaliating against Israeli artillery fire.

It’s also worth noting that the Golan Heights have never been internationally recognized as Israeli territory, so the Syrians and Iranians would likely work first to take that land back. That’s assuming this escalates into a larger conflict.

And while all this is going on, we have the Jew war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu in Russia talking with Vladimir Putin. He’s apparently whining about how Iran wants to destroy them.┬áIt’s an interesting dynamic, especially considering that Russia is allied both with Syria and Iran.

One thing is for sure, the kikes have their back up against the wall. They’re getting increasingly desperate and it’s obvious that they’ve overplayed their hand on several fronts. The world is only hating them more and more as they get increasingly aggressive with their rhetoric and tactics.


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