Israel has launched a program offering citizens cash rewards to help deport illegal aliens and other subhuman refuse.

Business Insider:

Israel will offer a cash reward to civilians who temporarily join a new government unit created to deport its asylum seekers.

The Population and Immigration Authority published a notice on Sunday that it will offer up to a 30,000 shekel bonus ($8,700) to citizens who become “inspectors” for the unit that manages asylum requests.

The ministry’s job ad states it is looking for 100 inspectors of on a temporary two-year basis starting March 2018.

Of these, 70 immigration inspectors will be hired for a two-month period to “carry out enforcement tasks against illegal aliens and their employers,” including the need to “locate, detain and monitor illegal persons.”

This is part of a larger agenda to purge Africans out of Israel.

We need to implement this same program here in America. I’m sure there are many who would be glad to volunteer to help deport illegal aliens and other undesirables for some cold hard cash!

Of course, the Jew-run media would cry about it if it were implemented here. They’d cry about racism and other nonsense.

Is it not interesting how Jews have a totally different standard for Israel than they do White nations? Notice how nobody is crying about racism over this even though this is obviously a racist program. I’m starting to think that these kikes really don’t like us and want to destroy our countries from within! Maybe it’s about time these kike lovers pay attention to what they’re doing!

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