The era of Benjamin Netanyahu dominating Israeli politics could be coming to an end. He was just charged with bribery and other crimes.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted Thursday in a series of corruption cases, throwing Israel’s paralyzed political system into further disarray and threatening his 10-year grip on power. He rejected calls to resign, angrily accusing prosecutors of staging “an attempted coup.”

The first-ever charges against a sitting Israeli prime minister capped a three-year investigation, with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit indicting Netanyahu for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes.

“A day in which the attorney general decides to serve an indictment against a seated prime minister for serious crimes of corrupt governance is a heavy and sad day, for the Israeli public and for me personally,” Mandelblit, who was appointed by Netanyahu, told reporters.

The indictment does not require the 70-year-old Netanyahu to resign, but it significantly weakens him at a time when Israel’s political parties appear to be limping toward a third election in under a year.

There are calls for him to resign, but it is seriously doubtful that he will do this. He’ll probably see if he can survive what appears to be another election. The entire Israeli political system has been gridlocked but this might move the needle in favor of his political opponents.

Either way, even if Netanyahu is forced out of Israeli politics, it is hard to see a whole lot changing with how they conduct business. It will still be a place run by Zionist Jews with our without Netanyahu involved.