In Israel, the Jews have setup a system where you need to have had a coronavirus vaccine or be declared immune to visit cafes, gyms, theaters, hotels and basically live any sort of normal life. People who get the vaccine are given a passport that affords them these “privileges.”

They are basically blackmailing people into making them take the vaccine by discriminating against people who refuse to take it.

Considering the World Economic Forum is basically promoting this diabolical and evil system, it is pretty safe to assume that this type of thing will be rolled out everywhere else around the world. While there’s no telling if this rollout will be successful or not, establishing a global vaccine/health passport system is certainly the goal of these people.

An entire tyranny is being built around these people allegedly being concerned about your health. This is insane because they obviously do not give a shit about your health. All the measures in response to the coronavirus like the lockdowns, masks etc.. have been detrimental to people’s health around the world. This passport system doesn’t help matters either but it is sure great for the billionaires who want to shape and control every aspect of the world.