A few days ago, Israelis assassinated a top leader of Islamic Jihad with a targeted missile strike which prompted hundreds of rocket attacks from the Palestinians in retaliation. There have been attacks back and forth ever since.

The Israelis have literally been claiming that despite carrying out a targeted assassination, that they weren’t bringing back the policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders. Yeah, as if anybody believes that.

Hilariously, an intact part of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system reportedly fell in Gaza.

And as all this is happening a top Jew in the United States Air Force visited Israel to receive an award.

The only reason Israel exists is because it is supported by the United States. If Jewish subversion is removed from the American political system, the Palestinians along with regional players like Iran, Syria, Hezbollah etc.. would undoubtedly be able to at least contain if not destroy the Zionist state in short order.

These Jews are occupying land that doesn’t belong to them. It is wrong for the United States to continue supporting this evil regime of hate-filled kikes. Supporting Israel, weakens American national security due to the fact that so many people hate what these rats do and continue to do.