A very racist and mean spirited Israel advocate is claiming that a one state solution would mean the end of Israel.

The Hill:

Israel advocate Elliott Mendes said on Tuesday that a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would ensure the destruction of the Jewish state.

“A one-state solution is the destruction of the state of Israel,” Mendes, at top official at the Israel Project, a U.S. organization advocating for Israel, told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“Palestinian Arabs who live inside Israel are afforded rights. There are Israeli-Arabs who serve in the Knesset,” he continued. “Israel is going to the elections on April 9, and there will be Israeli-Arabs, once again, elected to serve in their government.”

“In no Arab nation in the Middle East are Jews afforded those same rights,” he said.

The Trump administration has been largely supportive of Israel, even taking the controversial step last year to move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

How can he say such a thing? I’ve been told by Jews on television that racial diversity is a strength and that if I deny this that I am a racist White supremacist.

As far as I’m concerned, Israel should accept a one state solution. The Palestinians in Gaza should all be given Israeli citizenship and the same voting rights that Jews have. They also need to immediately tear down that racist border wall that is dividing Jews and Palestinians. They should be building bridges not walls because walls are racist.

The new Israel will be a browner and blacker Israel and they will be stronger for it.