The Jewish media has been claiming that President Trump made a bad decision to announced a withdrawal of American forces from Syria. They said that ISIS wasn’t totally defeated even though he said they were pretty much defeated. But here’s the thing, 99 percent of the territory ISIS once held is no longer under their control. They are about to lose the final area that they control in Syria.


U.S.-backed fighters in Syria are poised to capture Islamic State’s last, tiny enclave on the Euphrates, the battle commander said on Saturday, bringing its self-declared caliphate to the brink of total defeat.

Jiya Furat said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had cornered the remaining militants in a neighborhood of Baghouz village near the Iraqi border, under fire from all sides.

“In the coming few days, in a very short time, we will spread the good tidings to the world of the military end of Daesh,” he said, using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

He was speaking after U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday there would be “great announcements” about Syria over the next 24 hours.

Trump has sworn to pull U.S. forces from Syria after Islamic State’s territorial defeat, raising questions over the fate of Washington’s Kurdish allies and Turkish involvement in northeast Syria.

As the SDF advanced under heavy U.S. airstrikes in recent days, a stream of civilians fled the few square miles of hamlets and farmland that remain within Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’, along with defeated jihadists trying to escape unnoticed.

Though Islamic State fighters still hold out in a pocket of central Syria’s remote desert, and have gone underground as sleeper cells in Iraqi cities, able to launch new attacks, their territorial rule is, for now, almost over.

It’s all over for ISIS. Since Trump didn’t micromanage the war like that stupid Kenyan nigger did, the military was able to make the right on the ground decision to defeat the caliphate.

A full withdrawal from both Syria and Afghanistan is in order. It needs to happen. These endless wars for Israel have been completely ridiculous and insane. But beware of Israel trying to drag Trump back into the region with more bullshit chicanery.