The Islamic State aka ISIS is claiming responsibility for an attack against American troops in Syria. This comes after President Trump announced that troops were withdrawing from the area.

This has given the Jewish media and politicians regardless of party an excuse to call for a continued presence of American troops in Syria. Take in point this Jew news report from CNN.

But none of these troops would have been killed if we weren’t there in the first place. And just because ISIS was able to pull off a single attack like this doesn’t mean a whole lot. The caliphate is almost entirely defeated with the exception of a few isolated pockets within the country.

It is an interesting coincidence that this attack occurs just days after John Bolton was in Israel. This seems like a cynical attempt to drag America back into Syria for the benefit of the Zionists.

Hopefully President Trump stays the course and sees through with the withdrawal. His comments about there being nothing but “sand and death” in Syria was as accurate as you can get. There is zero benefit to America maintaining a perpetual presence there. He should also fire Bolton.