The Iranians are none to happy about Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal. Several of the Iranian MPs helped burn an American flag while chanting “Death to America” during a session of parliament.

It is true that the nuclear deal was not a good one for America so I agree with Trump on that point. We were doing crazy shit like flying over planes with pallets of cash. None of that made any sense.

But at the same time, we shouldn’t have such an antagonistic approach towards the Iranians. The only reason we are taking this approach is because of Israel. If it weren’t for those filthy kikes, I’m certain that we would have a very good working relationship with the Iranians.

Plus, the Iranians have every right to be angry at America. We’ve been interfering in the internal affairs of their country since the start of the Cold War. If I were an Iranian I’d feel the same way that these MPs do.

Tearing up the nuclear deal is good in that sense that it is helping to speed up an inevitable confrontation. After Trump’s announcement, the Jews immediately attacked Syrian and Iranian targets and this has prompted a counter attack from the Iranians. The whole situation has made the Iranians very angry. We could see them try to liberate the Golan Heights and engage in additional military operations against the Zionists.

We’ll just have to see what happens but it is looking like war is almost inevitable now.

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