Iran just shot down an American unmanned aerial vehicle. This latest incident is being used by the Jewish media to once again hype an American invasion against the Iranians.


President Donald Trump declared Thursday that “Iran made a very big mistake” by shooting down a U.S. surveillance drone over the Strait of Hormuz but suggested it was a foolish error rather than an intentional escalation of the tensions that have led to rising fears of open military conflict.

Asked about a U.S. response, the president said pointedly, “You’ll soon find out.”

The downing of the huge, unmanned aircraft , which Iran portrayed as a deliberate defense of its territory rather than a mistake, was a stark reminder of the risk of military conflict between U.S. and Iranian forces as the Trump administration combines a “maximum pressure” campaign of economic sanctions against Iran with a buildup of American forces in the region.

On Thursday, Iran called the sanctions “economic terrorism,” insisted the drone had invaded its airspace and said it was taking its case to the United Nations in an effort to prove the U.S. was lying about the aircraft being over international waters. It accused the U.S. of “a very dangerous and provocative act.”

We will never know the truth about what happened with the UAV. In many ways it is not even relevant. Incidents like these were bound to happen considering how close American military assets are operating around Iranian territory. We’ve basically surrounded their country with military forces yet act like they’re behaving aggressively. The narrative being spun is utterly insane.

Trump is saying Iran made a “very big mistake” whatever the fuck that means.

All I’ll say is that if Trump decides to strike Iran, he won’t be able to salvage his presidency. There is no popular support for a war against Iran. He was elected to get us out of foreign wars, not to start World War III.

Any war against Iran is a war for Jews and Israel. There is zero benefit to America by waging such a war. Our country is fucked up enough as is and a war against Iran would send it into the abyss. The problem is that Trump has surrounded himself with all sorts of assholes who are foaming at the mouth ready to do a big war with Iran. At this point, there’s probably a 50/50 chance of us going to war against them.