The Iranians are saying that the torpedo attack on a couple of oil tankers one of which was owned by the Japanese is a false flag attack. This after the United States via the Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo immediately blamed them for the incident without providing any tangible evidence.

The Sun:

“The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region,” Iran’s mission to the United Nations said.

“Warning, once again, about all of the US coercion, intimidation and malign behaviour, Iran expresses concern over suspicious incidents for the oil tankers that occurred today.”

It came after Pompeo pointed the finger at Iran, saying the assessment was based on intelligence, but presenting no public evidence to support his claim.

As it stands now, this is the most logical explanation. There is literally zero reason why the Iranians would choose to blow up a Japanese oil tanker just as they are meeting with Japan’s leader. Especially considering this was the first meeting with a Japanese leader in roughly 40 years.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in Iran to try and de-escalate tensions between the United States and Iran. Obviously, the Israelis would be against such a meeting so it is most likely that they were the one’s who green lit this operation. Either that, or it was green lit between them and the neocon Zionists in the United States government.

No matter how you slice it, the official US narrative being put out by Pompeo is an utterly retarded hoax. He babbled on about how he had “intelligence” that showed Iran did it just hours after the incident. But yet he refuses to share any specifics about this so-called “intelligence.”

Who the hell can believe anything that fat Zionist piece of shit is saying?

This shit is so retarded it is hard to fathom. Are we really going to go to war against Iran over one of the dumbest hoaxes in all of history?