The incoming Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland is openly declaring a war on White people claiming that normal White supporters of Donald Trump threaten democracy.

This Jew is really something else. He actually cried during his confirmation hearing about how wonderful America is because they let his Jewish ancestors into the country and saved them from being gassed in Adolf Hitler’s fake shower stalls.

But he has decided to reward the good will of Americans who protected his ancestors by using the legal system to go after White Americans who simply don’t want their country destroyed by him and his racial kin.

Who else has had it with these scheming kikes?

It amazes me how people can’t see how evil these Jews are and how much they hate White people. If you can’t see what’s going on by now you are a literal drooling retard. Jews do not belong in America and they should all be forcibly removed by any means necessary. They are a danger to White people anywhere they go.