Scott Israel’s 2012 sex drama has resurfaced in light of his failure to stop the school shooting a few weeks back.

The Jew Sheriff of Broward County Scott Israel has been in the spotlight mainly due to his department’s failures to stop the Jew school shooter Nikolas Cruz. He even blamed the shooting on the National Rifle Association and the lack of gun control laws even despite the fact that he was in a position to prevent the shooting from ever happening. His office received numerous calls about Cruz being a problem before the shooting. On top of that, at least one of his deputies who was on-site when the shooting happened refused to engage Cruz.

As a result of this, a 2012 sex drama that he was caught in when he ran for office has resurfaced and is getting national attention.

Basically this bitch accused Israel of knocking her up when she was 17 resulting in her having an abortion.

Israel’s ugly looking wife responded claiming that she was an actress.

It’s some pretty funny shit but it’s just another reason why Israel should be removed from office. This kike was on national television actually claiming that he provided “amazing leadership” and that he somehow isn’t responsible for the actions of a deputy that reports to him. Yet at the same time he claims that the NRA must be held accountable anytime a crazy person shoots somebody with a gun anywhere in the country.

The NRA’s statement says it all.

It’s time for this kike Israel the “Broward Coward” to go.