There’s all sorts of hysteria over college students testing positive for the coronavirus.

Look at some of what is being reported in the media. It’s just an endless array of fear porn and bizarre reactions to said fear porn.

We just talked about how these tests are highly unreliable, so a student testing positive for the coronavirus doesn’t mean much. Even if they do actually have it, their risk of dying from it is almost zero. It’s literally no more dangerous than the flu.

If the people running America’s colleges and universities can’t see that the coronavirus is a massive fraud and that there’s very little risk to students, than they are too stupid, gullible and/or retarded to be running these institutions.

If they understand that this whole thing is a massive hoax, than they are implementing all these stupid restrictions for malicious reasons.

Either way, they have no business holding these positions for what they are doing in response to this.

I have no idea why any young person would want to attend college in this environment. There’s no point. You are paying to put yourself into a surveillance/prison grid and you are definitely not getting your money’s worth with remote learning and lack of social opportunities.

The entire college and university system needs to go bankrupt. They’re nothing but communist indoctrination centers at this point. And if they are going to subject students to a prison-like system, than that’s just another reason for these organizations to disappear.