Hurricane Dorian narrowly missed Florida avoiding what was widely expected to be a biblical apocalypse scenario with widespread death and destruction. It is battering the Carolinas, but the storm has weakened and is only a CAT-2 storm now so the damage to those areas isn’t going to be all that severe.

Admittedly I am somewhat disappointed at this. I was hoping to see widespread death and destruction along with niggers looting everything in sight throughout the state. It would have been very funny.

The Bahamas is the only place where this storm caused any significant damage. The entire area got destroyed and there are reports of armed island niggers looting things.

It should be interesting to see what happens in this region over the next few days. The Bahamas is populated with 85 percent island niggers so we can expect a fair amount of chaos. It’s hard enough to keep niggers civilized under perfect conditions let alone in a scenario such as this.