Hunter Wallace of the Occidental Dissent is for some reason continuing his rampage of bizarre attacks against myself, the Daily Stormer and even Matt Forney.

The one thing all of us have in common is that we spent time covering TheRightStuff.Biz’s connection to federal informants like Christopher Cantwell as well as the infamous Jim Object podcast. The podcast exposed Jayoh De La Rey aka Jim Object a key figure within TheRightStuff.Biz’s organizational structure, as an individual who makes up bullshit stories to enter dissident political movements and organizations. The most logical explanation for his behavior is that he is a cop or some type of federal informant. But Wallace does not seem the least bit concerned by this.

More details about this fiasco can be read here.

If this story is not important as he is implying, then why is he spending almost all of his time attacking the people who have covered it? He’s protesting way too much.

Wallace has gotten so desperate to attack the Daily Stormer that he even went so far as to quote an article from the Jew-run Southern Poverty Law Center to claim a weird conspiracy involving the Daily Stormer coming back online on the normal Internet.

He’s also misleading his readers by claiming that I definitively said that the reason why the Daily Stormer went down was because of its coverage of TheRightStuff.Biz’s links to federal informants. I merely said that it was strange that these two things happened around the same time. It is absolutely possible that these were two coincidental events but they are still strange nonetheless.

Wallace is using tactics and types of attacks that you would normally expect to see from anti-fascists, Marxists and writers on Jewish websites. Much of it involves him accusing us of what he and his associates are guilty of themselves. He should really consider re-evaluating what he is doing. But I doubt he will listen to my advice.