The other day there was a hearing held in the House discussing the idea of giving slavery reparations to blacks.

To summarize what happened, it was just a bunch of niggers like Danny Glover whining about how they deserve free shit.

This subject is so tiresome. There is nobody alive today in America who was a slave or enslaved niggers. That system was abolished 150+ years ago. So therefore no nigger deserves any sort of compensation for slavery.

In reality, these blacks should be thankful for slavery. If it wasn’t for slavery, they’d be running around in the jungles of Africa. They have a much higher standard of living thanks to slavery and all they do is moan and complain about how awful it was.

Well guess what niggers, you are free to go back to Africa any time you wish. But for some reason, you choose not to go back there and you instead choose to hang around evil White racists while bitching about shit that happened in the 19th century.

Just fuck off already.

If anything, it is niggers who owe Whites reparations. Just look at what they did to Detroit. It was considered the most modern city in the country during the 1950s until the niggers came in and destroyed it. That’s just one example of why they owe us reparations and there are countless others.

But I don’t want reparations, I just want your entire race sent back Africa so we don’t have to listen to your constant complaining.