The term “racism” literally has no meaning. Jews and leftists have been throwing this word around aimlessly and are basically claiming that almost everything outside of extreme Marxism is racist. What we have here is another example of this phenomenon.

The Democrat-controlled House passed a resolution condemning Donald Trump for racism because he said that people who hate America that they can leave. Since the criticism was targeted largely at a “squad” of brown Communist women, they called his criticism racist. Because apparently if you are White, you are not allowed to criticize any person of color no matter how fucked up their behavior is.

Nancy Pelosi did a speech condemning Trump. There was also some controversy about her violating House rules with her criticism.

Other Democrats made all sorts of other unhinged comments, claiming that diversity is a strength etc..

Don’t these people get sick of accusing people of racism? It’s like some sort of extreme mental disorder. It’s not even effective politics. People are sick of being maligned as hating people for their skin color over bullshit reasons.

I’ve literally met a total of zero people who automatically hate someone because of their skin color and I’m someone who the Anti-Defamation League has labeled as a high profile Neo-Nazi and White supremacist. What we have are legitimate issues with the general racial behavior of other racial groups, but we do not automatically hate individual people because they happen to belong to a different race.