Hot Wheels aka Fredrick Brennan who founded 8chan is smugly claiming on Twitter that 8chan is dead.

I have no idea if this is 100 percent accurate. There seems to be some conflicting messages on the fate of 8chan. There has been no definitive messaging from Jim Watkins who officially owns 8chan now. But this Tom Riedel guy who Hot Wheels met with had some important associations with Watkins and 8chan. So who knows what’s really going on.

But either way, if what Hot Wheels is saying is true, it represents another major blow for free speech on the Internet. 8chan has always just been a message board system and forcing it off the Internet because a manifesto from a mass shooter was posted on the site, is completely insane and ridiculous.

You notice how there has never been any call to ban Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other major mainstream social media sites when a manifesto or shooting video was posted on these services. This sort of thing is only targeted at non-mainstream sites in which people are engaging in discourse that is not fully approved by Jews.