A few days ago Donald Trump posted a tweet showing his face photoshopped on to Rocky Balboa’s body.

It was a funny tweet resulting in the humorless Jewish media flailing around trying to psychoanalyze its meaning.

Take for example this Guardian op-ed written by some dumb bitch named Barbara Ellen.

There were several articles, tweets and videos like this.

The Washington Post literally asked why Trump would post this, failing to grasp how it was a simple joke.

Trump was again able to manipulate the media and make them look stupid due to their inability to grasp basic humor.

But now, the Trump-Balboa picture is being used by the Hong Kong terrorists.

Fox News:

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong expressed thanks for President Trump on Thursday, holding up a picture of him as the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.

The “Thanksgiving Rally” included people wearing the American flag and singing the national anthem. Thousands of people attended the rally after Trump approved legislation that authorized sanctions against human rights violators in China, according to The Washington Post.

Trump posted the now-viral boxing photo — showing his face on actor Sylvester Stallone’s body — on Wednesday but it had reportedly already surfaced on the internet prior to his tweet.

This was a carefully crafted decision by the CIA who is running this Hong Kong operation. In many ways, it is no different than how they tried to get right-wing dissidents to support this bullshit by making the people on the streets use Pepe the Frog symbolism.

They’re trying to feed Trump’s ego and reward him after he was bullied into supporting this stupid “pro-democracy” revolutionary nonsense. They also want to get Trump’s political supporters to think that this interference in China’s affairs is good because they are holding these Trump-Balboa photos.