The entire ZOG apparatus is backing these anti-Chinese terrorist rioters in Hong Kong. It is honestly surprising somebody hasn’t gotten shot sooner.


In a fearsome escalation of violence, Hong Kong police shot a protester in the chest at close range Tuesday, leaving the teenager bleeding and howling on the ground. Tens of thousands joined anti-government demonstrations that spread across the semi-autonomous Chinese territory in a challenge to Beijing’s dominance as the Communist Party celebrated 70 years in power.

The officer fired the single pistol shot as protesters swarmed toward him, Police Commissioner Stephen Lo said, hitting the 18-year-old on the left side of his chest. Lo defended the action as “reasonable and lawful,” saying the officer feared for his life and had no other choice.

Hong Kong’s hospital authority said the teen was one of two people in critical condition, with a total of 66 injured as fierce clashes between protesters and police wracked China’s freest and most international city.

While officers have fired warning shots in the air on multiple occasions during months of unrest, this was the first time a protester has been struck by gunfire. The shooting marked a dramatic surge in violence that spread chaos to multiple areas.

The Jewish media is portraying this as an act of evil against pro-democracy protesters. But in reality, a cop just shot a subversive anti-Chinese terrorist.

As we have said before, these people are not protesters. They are nothing but anti-fascist terrorists who have been re-branded to fool Americans into supporting them.

I fully support the Chinese government sending in the military to shoot all these terrorists dead in the streets.