A dude wearing body armor armed with a rifle went to go shopping at a Missouri Walmart. For some reason people freaked out and called the cops.

I don’t know why everybody had such a problem with this. There was no reason to call the police as he appears to be a perfectly normal person. He just appears to be the type of person who takes his personal self-defense seriously. And considering all the violent niggers and beaners that we have in America, you can never be too careful about your own personal safety.

One thing is for sure, if you are armed with a rifle and wearing body armor, there is far less of a chance that you will get robbed and attacked by niggers.

He should sue Walmart and the local police for violating his Constitutional freedoms. They appeared to only call the cops on him because of the color of his skin. Not every White person is a White supremacist terrorist and it was very racist of these people to assume such a thing.