Looks like Hamas is giving support to the many thousands of Palestinian protesters who are planning to attempt another breach of the Gaza-Israel border fence. There have been enormous protests along this fence for months now showing that things are reaching a breaking point.


A senior Hamas official signalled support Thursday for thousands of Palestinians to breach the border fence from Gaza into Israel at protests to coincide with next week’s US embassy move to Jerusalem.

In his first major briefing to international media since becoming Gaza head of the Islamist group in 2017, Yahya Sinwar implied he would like to see thousands of Palestinians crossing into Israel as part of more than a month of protests.

Asked what he wanted to see from protests on Monday and Tuesday, Sinwar pointed out Israel has never specifically defined its borders.

“What’s the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking through a fence that is not a border?”

Sinwar said he hoped Israel would not shoot at what he called “peaceful” protests.

Fifty-two Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since protests and clashes began on March 30 calling for Palestinian refugees to be able to return to their former homes in what is now Israel.

The Jews have been committing all sorts of human rights violations against the protesters. They’ve shot and gassed them. None of this has deterred the Palestinians from continued protests because they have nothing to lose. There’s no future for them in Gaza because the Jews have turned it into the world’s largest open air concentration camp.

While it’s unlikely to happen, I fully support a breach of this border fence. I would love to see many thousands of Palestinians storming down the fence and wrecking chaos throughout Israel.

Besides, the Jews have told us that we should build bridges and not walls. So WTF is this fence for?

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