The Zionist shill and Israel First traitor Dan Crenshaw was confronted again by a contingent of groypers at the University of Texas in Austin tonight.

Here’s some of the highlights from Nick Fuentes’s Twitter feed.

Here a groyper questions Crenshaw about racial demographics.

He was also asked about the USS Liberty incident and he falsely claimed that the attack was an innocent mistake by Israel. His response was not well received by the audience.

A Trump supporter and presumably a fellow groyper wearing a MAGA hat was actually escorted out of the event for some reason.

If these people think that this is a good look they are sorely mistaken. They were apparently profiling anybody who looked like a groyper and that included anybody wearing MAGA hats. So I guess they just wanted questions from leftists?

Overall, it looks like this was another successful groyper raid. And this is despite major efforts by Turning Point USA to prevent groypers from asking questions.

In other news, Vincent James and some groypers made some douche bag named Matt Walsh who works for the kike Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire look like an absolute ass hat at the Q&A session of a separate event. Walsh also said that he would not debate Fuentes.

This is all great stuff. We have to keep the pressure on these fake conservative shills. There are plenty more events to come and we need a large groyper turn out at all of them.