I noticed on Twitter that the ugly Jewess Sarah Silverman was trending so I figured she had done something weird and gross.

Turns out I was right. Silverman and other Jews like Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler appeared nude with other “celebrities” in a video apparently designed to get people to participate in the mail-in voting scam.

This is stupid.

Nobody cares about Hollywood, any of these idiotic Jews or their retarded celebrities in this current environment. We are in the middle of a depression caused by a lunatic virus hoax. People have very serious problems that they are currently dealing with.

The vast majority of people are on Twitter mocking these retards for putting out this dumb video.

The ones who aren’t mocking them, are simply giving their opinions on Silverman’s tits. Take for example this person. He didn’t give a shit about the video’s message he just wanted to see some middle-aged Jew breasts.

They must be really desperate because this appeared to be a serious attempt by the Jewish communist left to get people to participate in this mail-in voting fraud.

Things aren’t looking for good you people. You might want to consider a flight to Tel Aviv. That is of course if Israel will let you in due to the virus hoax that your own tribe has been feverishly promoting.