The Irish cuck Kevin McCarthy who is the current House minority leader has promised that “action will be taken” over comments Steve King made about White supremacy.

King’s comments weren’t even offensive. He basically just asked how is it that it has become offensive to talk about how the United States was a country founded by White nationalists.

The nigger cock sucking faggot Don Lemon did a whole segment crying about King’s remarks.

As a result of this, all sorts of GOP cucks are virtue signaling by condemning King’s remarks to prove to everybody that they aren’t racist. Joni Ernst is just one of them.

Jeb Bush is out there saying that King should be removed in the next primary.

And to make matters worse, King responded by saying that White nationalism and White supremacy are evil ideologies that resulted in the death of six million innocent Jewish lives.

Way to back down Steve. You had nothing to apologize for. And just for the record, those Jews weren’t innocent and there was no Jewish Holocaust.

He also made a statement on the floor of the House.

The Republicans core constituency are White people. It is demoralizing to see Republican politicians constantly running around trying to prove how they aren’t racist. Do they actually think this is going to help their political goals?

The Jewish media throws the term “racist” out there and these fools immediately resort to virtue signaling to prove that they don’t want to stick Jews in ovens. The whole situation is pathetic and sickening.

It’d be one thing if King said that he wanted to kill niggers and skull fuck them while gassing Jews to death with masturbation machines. But he said nothing of the sort.

Republicans need to get a backbone for fuck sake. How much longer is political correctness going to stand in the way of fixing the country which has been fucked up because of all this cultural enrichment and racial diversity?