Roy Moore has yet to concede the race, but thanks to GOP establishment faggots and the lying kike media, it appears as if he has lost the race. 

As many of you already know Roy Moore seems to have lost by a slim margin to the Democrat Doug Jones in last night’s Alabama Senate race. The result was a surprise to many of us including myself. I was pretty sure that Moore would win but these special elections can often times yield unpredictable results. Especially when you consider that this race had a great deal of national focus and interest.

Here are the official results.

It’s worth noting that Moore didn’t concede last night so we’ll see where this goes from here. Military ballots still need to be counted and than there’s always the possibility of vote fraud. There were sample ballots marked for Doug Jones discovered before the election so if this type of thing was widespread, it might have been what put him over the top. Right now though, it appears as if Moore has lost.

Everybody from all sides of the political spectrum are blaming Steve Bannon for what happened. This is not the fault of Bannon, this was a direct result of sabotage by cuckold faggots in the Republican establishment. Many of them are gloating at how they helped get a Democrat to win the seat.

They shouldn’t gloat, as by sabotaging Moore’s campaign, they made the situation all the more transparent.

I’ve long maintained that the Republican establishment itself is a bigger enemy than the Democrat party. When you have people like John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and others around, who needs enemies?

Look at some of these tweets.

They all believed and promoted hoax tales from old skanks about Moore from 40 years ago to smear the Republican candidate. And even if Moore did win, they were going to conspire to throw him out of the Senate via the Ethics Committee.

I can’t begin to describe how much I hate these people. The Democrats never smear their own people like the Republicans did to Moore. They only call their people to step down in the midst of a scandal when it becomes absolutely necessary. Republicans were calling on Moore to step aside hours after all these skank allegations came out.

It also shows that people are still swayed by lies from ink pissers in the kike run media. Women especially are swayed by lies from these filthy kikes.

That’s OK though. All we can do is move on from here. Nobody said this was going to be easy.