It looks as if Google’s parent company Alphabet has just gone full Nazi. They’ve rejected a proposal that would tie executive pay to diversity and inclusion programs.


Shareholders and executives at Google’s parent company, Alphabet, rejected a plan Wednesday to tie CEO and executive pay to diversity and inclusion efforts. They also voted down a proposal requesting the company seat conservative board members.

The two bids, which were presented at Alphabet’s annual shareholder meeting, reflect simmering workplace tensions at Google, which faces multiple lawsuits from former employees, including one accusing the company of discriminating against women and another accusing Google of discriminating against conservative white men.

A Google engineer, Irene Knapp, presented the first diversity proposal at the meeting on behalf of shareholder Zevin Asset Management. The plan would tie Alphabet’s executive compensation to gender, racial, and ethnic diversity goals related to employee recruiting and retention.

“At Alphabet, diversity and inclusion activities by individual contributors have been met with a disorganized array of responses, including formal reprimand,” Knapp said during the shareholder meeting, according to Reuters. “The chilling effect … has impaired company culture.”

The plan was voted down.

The second proposal called for more ideological diversity on Alphabet’s board. It was presented by Justin Danoff from the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, which argued that board members with conservative views would help avoid “groupthink.” Google has two open board seats.

”Diversity is not what someone looks like,” Danoff said, according to CNBC. “It’s the sum of what they think, they feel, and they believe, and at this company it appears that thinking and believing in conservative policies is verboten.”

His proposal was voted down too.

Yeah, so all this talk about diversity and inclusion has just been for public relations. Google doesn’t believe in any of it because they know their company would fall apart if they actually implemented these programs. And they couldn’t care less if a bunch of diversity hires like women, niggers and spics go on strike or quit. It’s not like these individuals do much productive work. It’s mostly all done by White and Asian males. So if they left, productivity would undoubtedly increase.

And this is a company run by Jews so they have no interest in ideological diversity at the top of their organization. That’s why the ideological diversity proposal got shot down.

But it is weird to see a Jewish run company go full Nazi like this. Guess they don’t want to go too far with the diversity nonsense and destroy what’s been built. There’s a line some Jews won’t cross.