An interesting video from an internal meeting at Google was recently leaked to Breitbart. The video shows Google executives including the two Jew co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin visibly distraught over Donald Trump’s election win in 2016. It also shows a number of independent career womyns crying and whining about Trump’s glorious electoral victory.

This news comes after an email obtained by Tucker Carlson revealed that a top Google executive admitted to organizing company resources to help elect Hillary Clinton.

If it wasn’t obvious before, this video proves 100 percent that Google’s leadership is totally biased. And why wouldn’t they be? The company is dominated by Jews and its rank and file filled with Communist faggots from the San Francisco bay area.

It’s no wonder why Google refused to testify in front of Congress last week. Based on this newly leaked video, Congress should issue subpoenas and make somebody from Google testify.

We also need immediate regulations imposed on Google. Letting a politically biased tech company monopolize the Internet search market, is a far greater threat to democracy than anything Russia has ever done.

Even though democracy is a horrible form of government, any reasonable person would agree that a monopoly power like Google represents a huge problem to such a political system.