Looks like Richard Spencer’s flagship web domain has been shoahed. Altright.com was just disabled by their web provider GoDaddy. At the time of publishing, I was unable to access the site.

Fast Company:

Sartorially-championed white nationalist Richard Spencer just got punched in the face–this time, in the figurative sense.

The web provider GoDaddy has taken down the alt-right figurehead’s web domain, the appropriately named altright.com.

“It is our determination that altright.com crossed the line and encouraged and promoted violence in a direct and threatening manner,” a GoDaddy spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

This development comes just a couple of weeks after Facebook pulled its pages for Spencer’s altright.com and National Policy Institute. Although the far-right firebrand’s Twitter account is still standing, it’s not yet known where Spencer will next establish a permanent HQ for his views on white ethno-states.

GoDaddy fucked with the Daily Stormer’s domain name after Charlottesville and it looks like they did the same thing to Spencer. They’re claiming the site was promoting violence, but I highly doubt that. Something was probably reported out of context and this was used to justify the shut down.

What sucks for Spencer is that he apparently paid a great deal of money to get that specific domain name. Obviously the correlation with the term “Alt Right” made it a somewhat valuable commodity.

This type of chicanery is obviously a bad thing for free speech on the Internet. Prior to Charlottesville, domain registrars were not seizing domain names because of their political content. The Daily Stormer domain seizure set the precedent where domain registrars can be pressured to pull the plug.

This is just another case proving why we need free speech regulations for the Internet. I do think this type of move reeks of desperation. Our political enemies can’t debate our ideas, so their only response is to focus their energy on shutting down our infrastructure. Long term this is only going to make our message more powerful. You would think they would understand this, but they are retarded and don’t quite get it yet.