Here’s another example proving that diversity is not a strength and the people who claim that it is are lying assholes.

Germany is having all sorts of problems with “North Africans” and other colorfuls causing problems at their pools. The most recent example is one involving a group of 50 or so North Africans.


A swimming pool in the German town of Kehl had to be shut down early by police after a group of 50 North African French-speaking youths caused havoc among the bathers.

The town, which is located on the German-French border next to Strasbourg, often sees many French visitors according to the manager of the pool, but staff were forced to contact police after the dozens of youths began to cause a disturbance to other bathers, Schwarzwälder Bote reports.

The city’s press release stated that the young people had stormed the diving tower in the early evening, as well as a number of them jumping from all sides into the pool and had ignored instructions from staff.

When asked by the local newspaper to describe the perpetrators, Florian König, manager of the Auenheimer outdoor swimming pool, said: “The police call them Nafris.”

The term “Nafri” became well-known following the Cologne New Year’s sex attacks and has been criticised as being a racist term, with the Cologne police being accused of “racial profiling” the following year after the attacks.

Previously, these colorful invading migrants were harassing women at the pools and losing control of themselves after having “sexual emergencies.”

How much more evidence does someone need to conclude that these third world apes are incompatible with our way of life? Their presence is ruining everything. They should be rounded up and deported back to the Sahara.