The German government led by the Communist whore Angela Merkel continues to be out of control. Even though the German people are showing some signs of life, this horrible bitch continues to run their country.

Merkel who previously invited millions of third world monkeys into Germany is now trying to unload some of them on to Italy by flying them in. Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is having none of it and is threatening to close their airports if Germany tries this chicanery.

Just a few years ago Merkel was telling everyone how these black and brown niggers were going to become engineers and pay for pensions. Guess that didn’t quite pan out did it? If it did, she would not be trying to dump them back into Italy. These so-called migrants have become a terrible burden and yet she refuses to admit it.

What a disaster. Germany really needs to get their act together. This is not Italy’s problem. It’s a problem they created because of the dumb bitch that they’ve allowed to run their government.

Germany needs another Adolf Hitler type figure to emerge and take over their country. There’s not much more to be said than that.