A German newspaper like a bunch of cowards have apologized for publishing the above cartoon. The cartoon is in reference to the ugly and obese Jew who won Eurovision. She said at the 2018 Eurovision contest “Next Year in Jerusalem” in reference to how next year’s contest will be held there. The cartoon is merely a satirical take on this moment that was used to criticize Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies of war. But since the cartoon doesn’t portray Netanyahu positively, it’s been labeled as “anti-Semitic” hate.

Naturally the Jews whined about it because they think they’re beyond criticism.

And not to get off topic, but how the fuck did that fat kike win Eurovision? I’m guessing there had to have been some serious Jewish bribery involved because this is one of the most awful songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It is a grotesque assault on the human soul.

Even normies posting on YouTube are saying the Eurovision voting system has been corrupted.

But all that aside, there was no reason for the newspaper to apologize for the cartoon. It is legitimate political commentary and legitimate criticism of Israel. Obviously the newspaper only felt obligated to do this because Jew liars have told them that their ancestors put six million of them in ovens.