George Will the bow tie wearing douche bag faggot has told people to vote against Republicans because of Donald Trump. He’s specifically upset at Trump’s immigration policies because of sad feelings or something. He’s actually angry that Trump is doing whatever he can to secure the border.

I always despised this fool. He like the now deceased Charles Krauthammer has always been an overrated intellectual midget. He’s a relic of the past whose retarded views are only amplified by the Washington Post and big Jew-run media megaphones.

It’s good to see that these so-called “conservative intellectuals” like Will are politically irrelevant. Nobody gives a fuck what he or people like him say any longer. In the age of Trump, the average voter is not going to take anything he says seriously that’s for sure. This is just something that the Democrats are going to go crazy over for a little while even though it ultimately means nothing.

But seriously, the fuck with this clown. This asshole has gotten rich spewing fake conservatism to benefit Jews and undoubtedly does not have to deal with all the brown and black sludge that has come into the country. Hopefully he dies and joins his buddy Krauthammer in hell soon.