I’m honestly surprised George H.W. Bush is still alive. I had thought that after his wife Barbara kicked the bucket that he was going to be gone shortly thereafter. No such luck, he’s still alive but he’s been hospitalized a couple of times over the past few months.


Former president George HW Bush was taken to a hospital in Maine on Sunday after experiencing low blood pressure and fatigue, a family spokesman said.

Bush, 93 and the oldest living former US president, will likely remain at Southern Maine Health Care for a few days for observation, said the spokesman.

“The former president is awake and alert, and not in any discomfort,” Jim McGrath wrote on Twitter.

Some might say that it is wrong to wish death on someone. In general, you could make that argument, but there’s definitely exceptions to this. And as far as old man Bush is concerned, he is absolutely an exception. This is a man who had great power and could have used that power for good. Instead, he used his power to serve the interests of Jews and Zionism. He even talked about how great the concept of a New World Order would be. So based on all this, why the hell would any of us want such a horrible individual to continue living?

He is one of the main reasons why our society is so fucked up now. Had our people with power used their power properly in the latter part of the 20th century, things would not be as fucked up as they are now. Bush 41 was a major part of all this.