Some former military general named Anthony Tata was on Fox Business claiming that the United States has video of Iran doing something with explosives on these oil tankers that got blown up. He pushed the idea that this so-called video proves conclusively that Iran blew up these ships and that the only way to deal with this is to invade them. That’s basically the summation of his comments.

He also rambled on about how Iran is a state sponsor of terror, wants to destroy Israel etc..

Well, if they really had an authentic video, why the fuck didn’t Pompeo show it during his goofy press conference he did earlier? And how could they determine that Iran was behind everything so quickly?

This entire narrative is retarded. How much do you want to bet that they will never show this alleged video? And if they do, it will probably be faked while propagandists in the media call it irrefutable proof that Iran is evil.

Seriously, fuck all these people. And fuck this asshole general who is on television shilling this nonsense.