Gavin McInnes the founder of the Proud Boys has posted a video on YouTube saying that he has quit the group. In the roughly 37 minute video, he went out of his way to say that he isn’t a racist and has nothing to do with White supremacy, Nazism etc..

It’s a ridiculous video and shows that he hasn’t learned a damn thing about the current political environment.

The Proud Boys have basically been the victims of a Jewish terror campaign. They’ve been openly attacked by Jew-financed anti-fascist terrorist groups. The corrupt Department of Justice that is still largely run by the Jew Rod Rosenstein is prosecuting its members for defending themselves against these Marxist terrorists.

These Jews don’t give a damn if there are some brown, black or mixed race people in the group. They especially don’t care about Gavin’s friend with a black wife losing his job over this. They view anything that is right-wing no matter how moderate as a threat and that includes the Proud Boys even though they go out of their way to describe how they aren’t racists. That’s where all this Western Chauvinist bullshit comes from.

This is why the entire Alt-Lite is being banned off of social media. Even the Jewess Laura Loomer has been banned from Twitter. They’re shutting everything that is remotely right-wing down.

The point being, is that you can’t use brown and black people as a shield against these Jewish terrorists. They view anybody or any group with a political opinion to the right of Karl Marx as being a racist and a Nazi.

Apparently McInnes thinks that by quitting the group, it’s going to help some of the Proud Boys who are being prosecuted. That’s at least what he’s saying even though it is hard to see how it does in fact help anyone. But what this really shows, is that he is effectively disbanding the group just as things are getting hot. It’s the equivalent of a captain abandoning his ship in a time of crisis.

He says he was just the founder of the group and not the leader even though everybody has universally recognized him as the leader. So to think that this group will continue without him involved is difficult to believe.

The whole situation is pretty sad, but we shouldn’t expect a whole lot from a man who has done work for a Jew-run media outlet (Rebel Media) and willingly stuck a dildo up his ass in front of a camera.

But the larger question is why the Proud Boys are even being prosecuted like this. The President of the United States needs to get control of the Department of Justice because it continues to operate just like it did when Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were running it.

The fact that actual terrorists like these anti-fascist groups are allowed to attack people with no consequence and their victims are prosecuted with bogus crimes for defending themselves is an unsustainable and insane situation.