Zoe Quinn the evil cunt who whored herself to men in exchange for them giving good reviews to her shitty fake videogames, is in the news again. She just drove a man to suicide after making unsubstantiated claims about him grabbing her by the pussy.

It appears as if this was an attempt to start a #MeToo fiasco within the game development community due to her being broke.

The Ralph Retort:

Zoe Quinn, former nude model, failed game developer, successful scammer, and professional victim is back for a new hashtag movement. Not #GamerGate or #GamerGate2.0, but instead #ZoeBodyCount. She has decided to screw the optics, go in, subscribe to PewDiePie, and embrace infamy by publicly leveling unsubstantiated claims of sexual and emotional abuse against a real game developer, Alec Holowka of Night in the Woods fame.

We here at TheRalphRetort.com are confident that these claims are in no way related to the fact that her Patreon earnings are down significantly, or the rumors that she spent all $80,000 of her Kickstarter money a year ago while vacationing in Japan, and is allegedly broke. All of these financial difficulties are in spite of her landing jobs at IDW Publishing and Marvel Comics, where she is currently writing for Hellcat instead of the more apt Black Widow. Feeling that her new jobs and supplementary $1,000 a month in Patreon bucks would not be enough to keep her in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to, she demonstrated the skills of her profession by levying serious allegations that will permanently alter the life of another human being on Twitter dot com.

Her most prominent abuse allegation was that Mr. Holowka grabbed her by the pussy and used it to lead her around their shared Winnipeg apartment. As the week continued, in a scenario that in no way mirrors the fraudulent #KickVic or Andy Signore cancel callouts, colleagues of the Unburnt Witch Ms. Quinn came forward to “corroborate” her claims while refusing to provide any actual evidence.

The ensuing firestorm and pieces from artificial consensus manufacturing outlets like Newsweek, Vice, The Daily Dot, and The Verge led to Holowka being removed from the studio he co-founded. Being fired from his own company, having his name publicly dragged through the mud, and with a history of abuse and mental illness, he unfortunately decided to pull an Etika.

TheRalphRetort.com sends our best wishes to his family. However, we hold our deepest and heartfelt prayers for the real victim of this tragedy, Zoe Quinn. This might make it harder for her to scam people online going forward, and I know that must be a tough pill to swallow (despite her well-documented swallowing skills). Then again, probably not. We’re sure she’ll figure out a way to use this incident to bolster her bank account once again, as always.

This woman is pure evil and represents proof as to why women should be banned from the gaming industry.

She even deleted her Twitter account which in my view proves her guilt.

At minimum, she should be immediately fired from the writing jobs she holds at DC and Marvel. You would think that these companies wouldn’t want to be associated with someone who drove a man to suicide over bullshit allegations. But she’ll probably get away with it because of her female privilege.

This bitch truly belongs in the pits of hell. Hopefully she’ll do the world a favor and kill herself. It would only be fitting if she were to do this since she drove a man to suicide over what appears to be nonsensical hoax allegations.