In France, the “Yellow Vest” protests have entered its third month. These protests are not going away and have become a regular weekend happening.

The Jewish strategy has been to pretend that these protests are not happening. They’re trying to demoralize the protesters but this doesn’t seem to be working. The people want Emmanuel Macron removed from power. Showing how tone deaf Macron is, he even tried to claim that he too would be a “Yellow Vest” protester under certain circumstances.

This week’s protests were meant to honor the “Yellow Vest” protesters who were injured from the police gassing and shooting them in the streets. That’s literally what the police have been doing. And all this has been to protect Macron a puppet of the Jews. It is utterly disgusting what is going on.

If what is happening in the streets of France was happening in a country not under control of Jews, they would be calling for the leader of the country to step down. They would illustrate how Macron is gassing and shooting his own people. But since Macron is controlled by Jews, they’re doing everything they can to ensure he holds on to power.

What’s really funny is how the Jews tried to meme Macron as the new leader of Europe. That plan hasn’t worked out very well considering he is hated by the vast majority of the French people. The European Union is in crumbling before us. What’s happening in France is just one of many signs that the entire Jewish project is fracturing. Nationalism and populism is rising and they’re having problems containing it.