We said all along that if France didn’t physically remove these third world monkeys from their land, they’d be back in Calais.

We were right. The French government is being forced to send riot police to Calais to deal with these savages fighting in the streets.


The French government will send more police to Calais to crack down on migrant gangs, the interior minister said on Friday, after gang rivalries erupted into a brawl that left five migrants suffering serious gunshot injuries

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said he was sending more riot police to the northern port, where asylum seekers and economic migrants hoping to reach Britain continue to fall prey to smugglers undaunted by a long-running security operation.

Thursday’s explosion of violence was a stark reminder that the dismantling of a sprawling camp in late 2016 had failed to halt the arrival of migrants in Calais. It came weeks after Britain promised millions of pounds in extra border control support.

Eritreans and Afghans fought running battles in broad daylight, some armed with rods and metal poles, television pictures showed. It was not clear who was armed with firearms.

Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart said her town was confronted by all-out gang warfare.

The military should be deployed to round up these monkeys and send them back where they came from. If they resist, they should shoot them dead.

This is a very easy problem to resolve if you let the military do its job in protecting the country. Unfortunately, France’s politicians are a bunch of spineless faggots and won’t do the job that needs to be done.