Today has been a big day for France. For the fourth weekend in a row, the “Yellow Vest” protests have taken place across the country. What started out as a protest against a fuel tax has turned into a full blown revolt against the French government. The people are angry at the Jewish puppet Emmanuel Macron who has implemented policies intentionally designed to hurt the French people.

It’s been reported that there’s been 500+ arrests in Paris alone. Other reports have put that number as high as 700.

Protesters were blocking roads in and out of Paris.

They were building barricades and burning shit in the streets.

Police had to use tear gas to prevent the protesters from over running the presidential palace.

It also looks as if police have been randomly arresting anybody they feel like arresting. It doesn’t seem to matter if they’ve done anything wrong or not.

Police are even attacking journalists lol.

As all this is going on, Macron is nowhere to be found. The coward is hiding unable to face his own people after having betrayed them.

Donald Trump took the opportunity to mock Macron and the insane Paris Climate Accord.

He’s saying that the French are chanting for Trump even though the original video showing someone calling for Trump appears to not have been in France. Even still, I think most reasonable people would absolutely take Trump over Macron. It’s not even a close contest.

The scenes in Paris resemble a war zone. Regardless of the ultimate outcome of today’s events, it is a fair assumption that these protests and riots are going to continue until Macron is forced out.

These “Yellow Vest” protests are even spreading into other countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. Interesting times for sure.