Matt Forney and Andrew Anglin just did a show discussing a number of topics including the deplatforming of 8chan and the total implosion of TheRightStuff.Biz.

As you may already know, TheRightStuff.Biz has been compromised by feds, costume Nazis and weirdos promoting Communism. They are a totally untrustworthy operation that should be avoided.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Outside of some strange person who Forney let on the stream half way through the show for a little while, it is a good show and well worth a listen. He and Anglin cover all the major points of the entire fiasco surrounding TheRightStuff.Biz.

Hunter Wallace of the Occidental Dissent not surprisingly responded to this podcast by doing a show today with the admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell.

Wallace has proven that he is a totally untrustworthy individual by appearing on Cantwell’s show. He, Cantwell and random costume Nazi types have closed ranks and are defending TheRightStuff.Biz cult down to the last man. It is truly pathetic to watch. But hopefully this sad display marks an end to the failed and ridiculous brand of retard nationalism that these people have promoted obsessively.