Who the hell does this ugly gook bitch Ellen Pao think she is to criticize “incels” when she herself is probably one? I wouldn’t fuck her if you paid me a trillion shekels!¬†

When you think things couldn’t possibly get any more fucked up, somebody says something or does something that lowers the bar even further. This is one of those situations.

Ellen Pao the dumb gook bitch who was briefly put in charge of Reddit for a short period of time, is demanding that tech companies crackdown on “incel” employees. The term “incel” generally describes young men who want to have sex with women but are unable to obtain sex.

It’s worth noting that when Pao was Reddit’s CEO she was universally hated by the community. They gave her the nickname “Chairman Pao” because of her restrictive censorship policies. She even banned the “incel” subreddit over dubious claims that they were inciting violence.

But what exactly have “incels” done wrong and why are they a problem? I thought it was mean spirited to stereotype a group of people? Or is that no longer a thing? And what business is it of any company if some of their employees can’t get laid? It is a completely insane demand from Pao.

The “incel” phenomenon is the result of an unsustainable societal situation caused by Jewish feminism. You can’t blame “incels” for this. The sexual liberation of women have turned them into filthy whores who ride hundreds of dicks in a constant quest to obtain a more “alpha” male. So even when a man is able to secure a girlfriend, it becomes a full time job to keep her because of their highly disloyal nature.

Pictured above is your average 20-something slut. Great wife material isn’t she? Clearly, feminism has been a very positive influence on her life!

So basically you have all these young women of breeding age actively pursuing who they consider to be the top tier males. This means a small percentage of men get tons of pussy while a large segment of men are left with scraps. In countries like the United States where prostitution is illegal, the problem is further exacerbated. It’s a recipe for a societal meltdown because the value of their pussy has been artificially increased to infinitely high levels.

This is why the institution of marriage was originally implemented. It mandated that each man was allowed to marry one woman to ensure that all men had an equal opportunity to build families and have a stake in society. This institution has been completely destroyed over the past 50 years or so. Marriage means nothing these days. No fault divorce and the complete absence of societal shaming has allowed these sluts to run amok. There is no tangible benefit for a man marrying. It just empowers some bitch to take half of your money whenever she feels like it.

It’s a very difficult environment for men of any age to deal with. This includes the men who women would consider top tier. Even Brad Pitt and Donald Trump have had their fair share of women problems. And then combine all this with the fact that 90 percent of women are fat, ugly, have shitty personalities or some combination of the three.

And how can Pao be criticizing “incels” in the age of #MeToo? This slant eyed bitch can’t have it both ways. She’s just a disgusting man hating gook. And those tits! lol

But this gook bitch Pao is a complete fucking idiot. She claims that “incels” are a problem at the same time when the #MeToo movement is criticizing men for sexually harassing and abusing them in the workplace. You would think that she would be happy with “incels” because this is a group that is statistically less likely to abuse women. But no, apparently men of all kinds are evil. You can’t win with these dumb whores. You are evil if you pursue and have sex with them, evil if they refuse to have sex with you and evil if you do neither lol.

I’m sure some people reading this are probably thinking that you’re just mad because you’re an “incel” yourself. Truthfully, I don’t consider myself an “incel” because I have no sexual interest in the vast majority of women due to some of the aforementioned reasons I mentioned. When i was in my early 20s, I had sex with a girl who I was not attracted to and felt disgusted with myself. After that, I’ve always been selective with who I’ve pursued. But the ulterior motives, psychological games and disloyalty I’ve experienced from women have led me to mostly give up with dating. It’s much easier and less stressful to obtain sex from prostitutes. As I’ve said before, prostitutes are at least honest about being whores. This is preferable to your average 20-something or 30-something woman. Many of them put on a fake innocent princess routine despite the fact that they’ve already had 200 dicks shoved in their holes.

I’d encourage anybody who considers themselves to be an “incel” to quit obsessing over these dumb bitches and do some sex tourism. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to bang a number of young women I’ve found physically attractive without the psychological stress and abuse that comes when dealing with your average female. Some of the best sex and interactions I’ve had with women have been with prostitutes. Plus, I really don’t need to deal with any crazy female shit when I’m trying to focus most of my spare time on running this site. Maybe this will change at some point and I’ll eventually find a suitable woman to have kids with, but I’m not holding my breath. Not in this current environment at least.

But concluding, Pao is a worthless gook cunt.¬†Attacking “incels” in today’s society is like a heavyweight MMA fighter attacking a midget. I’d bet Pao is an “incel” herself. I just don’t understand how her husband would ever want to fuck her on a regular basis. She’s foul looking. And as George Carlin would have said, most men wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick!