Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is on Twitter shilling a retarded anti-Trump t-shirt. Get a load of this ridiculous faggot.

This is a completely ridiculous thing to do. Fox should be working to improve things in his own country. Instead, he’s focusing his energy on Trump and his border wall proposal. Even sadder is how he’s trying to make shekels off of this stupid t-shirt.

It’s clear based on this t-shirt that Fox is obsessed with Mexicans being able to illegally enter the United States. As the nation’s leader he failed to improve the shithole country that he lives in so he probably thinks the only way Mexicans can improve their lives is if they have unlimited access to White people.

But seriously, just leave us the fuck alone Fox. Stay in your shithole. What are you going to do? Call us racists? Fewer and fewer people give a shit about that label now and most of those people are baby boomers who will be all dead soon.

If I were Trump I’d ban this asshole from ever being able to step in the United States again. He should be considered a threat to national security.