Many of the fake news assholes who got fired from their jobs at Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and other kike operations are being ruthlessly mocked on social media. They’re being told that they should “learn to code.”

The meme is even being used to target still employed fake news fucks like the kike Julia Ioffe who seemed not to understand how her worthless profession was being mocked.

The reason why this is funny is that many in the fake news industrial complex were telling coal miners and other people who previously lost their jobs that they should “learn to code.” So they’re the one’s who actually originated the meme and /pol/ just shoved it back in their faces.

Black Pigeon Speaks did a good video dissecting the whole situation.

The kike Talia Lavin is particularly upset about the meme being used to mock the now unemployed generators of lies and propaganda.

But seriously, fuck these so-called “journalists.” They’re worthless people who were paid by kikes to push false narratives about everything imaginable. They’re one of the biggest problems we have and I couldn’t give a shit if they remain unemployed for the rest of their miserable lives. Maybe if we are lucky, some of them will commit suicide.