About a week ago, Congressman Matt Gaetz was accused of having sex with a 17-year-old by the federal government. The investigation not shockingly was opened up when Bill Barr was still the Attorney General.

Gatez has also been accused of having sex with underage prostitutes with the FBI claiming they have photos of Gaetz involved in sex orgies. Supposedly the FBI told Gaetz’s father that these problems would go away if they supplied $25 million to help free Bob Levinson a former Jewish FBI-agent and spy in Iran. But Levinson was already declared dead last year.

This entire story is downright bizarre. There has been no proof provided that Gaetz committed any crimes. It is just hearsay from the FBI. Gaetz has said that he’s being extorted by the feds.

This could just be a manufactured attack on Gaetz to try and remove him from office. He has come out against many of the things that the ZOG establishment has been pushing. Specifically, he supported an investigation into the 2020 election fraud situation and was one of the most vocal proponents of that.

But yeah, this whole thing is weird. Especially the Iran stuff and this connection to that Jew spy. There’s no telling where this is going to go next.