The FBI has been bragging about how they stopped an alleged terrorist from plotting to blow up the White House with an anti-tank rocket. The problem is that they manufactured the entire terror attack by entrapping a random retard named Hasher Jallal Taheb. They even provided the guy with fake weapons before they arrested him.

The FBI does this all the time. They manufacture terror plots and brag about arresting retards who their informants entrap. My Daily Stormer article goes into more detail.

They’re engaged in terror theater to justify their own existence. It’s totally stupid. Of course the FBI does not just stop there, they do real terrorism as evidenced by how they provided the explosives used in the 1993 World Trade Center attack. Their informant insisted on dealing with fake explosives but his handlers overruled him and insisted on using the real deal.

The best way to prevent terrorism would just be to ban Moslems from the West. But we aren’t allowed to do that because Jews tell us that it would be racist to do this. We should also abolish the FBI which is literally and figuratively a domestic terrorist organization with government funding.