The full court press by fake conservative incorporated against Nick Fuentes and the groyper army continues. Tiana Lowe a fake conservative skank who has done work for the National Review and other shill publications, is now hating on Fuentes and the groyper army.

Nick’s response was on point.

Lowe is really nothing more than your typical Instagram thot who just happens to write articles for fake conservative publications.

She’s a worthless person and is wasting away the most fertile years of her life writing bullshit articles and posting bullshit rubbish on social media.

The only thing she has that people seem to care about are her tits. And those just like her personality seem to be fake.

Unfortunately for her, it looks like her best days are far behind her and not even her fake tits will save her from hitting the wall.

She’s looked absolutely fat and repulsive in her most recent television appearances. And the shit ton of makeup she’s piled on her face isn’t exactly helping her cause either.

Lowe should seriously reevaluate what she is doing with her life. If she doesn’t, she’ll wake up one day all alone surrounded by empty wine bottles and cats.