The Jew-run enterprise Facebook is going to start fact-checking photos and videos now. It’s allegedly part of an effort to prevent Russians from interfering in American democracy.


Facebook Inc. FB -0.40% will begin fact-checking photographs and videos posted on the social media platform, seeking to close a gap that allowed Russian propagandists to promote false news during the last U.S. presidential election.

The company said Thursday it will use technology and human reviewers to try to staunch what it called in a statement “misinformation in these new visual formats.” Previously, the company’s efforts had been focused on rooting out false articles and links.

“The same false claim can appear as an article headline, as text over a photo or as audio in the background of a video,” Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons said in the statement. “In order to fight misinformation, we have to be able to fact-check it across all of these different content types.”

Whenever you hear the term “fact-check” it means labeling any information harmful to Jews as disinformation. It doesn’t matter if the information is true or not. That has no factor in the so-called “fact-check.”

It’s really quite ridiculous to see what Facebook is doing. They are selectively choosing what political content is and isn’t allowed on their platform while simultaneously declaring themselves to be the arbiter of all truth. This means that they have abdicated their role of being a platform provider. They are now a publisher and should be treated as such.

The truth is, Facebook itself is much more of a threat to democracy than random Russians buying advertisements or posting memes. They are conspiring to silence the voices of millions because they disagree with their political views. Facebook like Google and Twitter all need to be regulated and brought in line with existing anti-trust laws.